Extra Curricular Phonics Classes (2016)

Dear EP1 Red parents and guardians,

As of  Monday the 30th of May, teacher Erin and I will be teaching after school phonics classes here at Varee Chiangmai School.

Varee Chiangmai School

The classes will be held in EP1 Red and EP1 purple from 4pm to 4:40pm, Monday through to Thursday.

The aim of these classes is to go over basic phonics with those pupils who would benefit from it and to also teach phonics to those pupils, who are as yet unfamiliar to it.

These extra lessons are free and will go on for approximately 6 weeks however, this duration may be extended depending on the rate at which the pupils are learning.

All of the EP1 teachers have made an informed decision as to which pupils truly require the extra sessions.

Selected pupils from all of the ep1 classes have already taken home a permission letter which, must be signed and returned by next Monday the 30th of May.

teacher Chaz ep1 red Varee

These extra curricular lessons have been extremely successful every year and it is humbly advised that all of the chosen pupils are made to attend, by you, very regularly.

The children will not require any extra materials, however a whiteboard marker and a whiteboard rubber/eraser would be extremely helpful to their learning.

Varee Chaz

If there are any changes to the scheduled classes than we will inform parents and guardians immediately.

Kind regards……Teacher Chaz.

Restroom Sandals For Your Child

Dear EP1 Red parents and guardians,

Could you please purchase these types of sandals for your child?


These types of sandals will be useful when your children go to the restroom/toilet, by stopping their socks and feet from getting wet.

The sandals you buy must be this style as your child can wear them without having to take their socks off.

teacher chaz

Can you please buy these types of sandals.

Could you please also write your child’s name on them with a permanent marker.

Thank you…teacher Chaz.

First Spelling Test Tomorrow!


Dear ep1 red parents and guardians,

This is just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is the first spelling test for all pupils in English programme 1 at Varee Chiangmai School.

Writing Clip Art

First spelling test tomorrow!!

I am certain that everyone in EP1 will do exceptionally well!

Kind regards…teacher Chaz.

Welcome EP1 Red parents and guardians. My name is teacher Chaz.

 Chaz Teacher


BA (Honours) English Literature with Creative Writing

(English Literature: Focus on Post-Colonial African, Caribbean and Indian literature.)

(Creative Writing: Focus on Short Story Writing and Script Writing for Television and Radio.)

Post Graduate Certificate in Education International (P.G.C.E.I)

(Focus on Primary ESL Learners)

Kingdom of Thailand Teaching License

Dear Parents and guardians,

My name is Teacher Chaz and I am the English Programme 1 primary teacher (first grade) for ep1 Red, here at Varee Chiang Mai School.


I am an English as a second language, young learners specialist.

I have worked at Varee Chiangmai School for over 8 years now.

I started working at Varee Chiang Mai School within the Kindergarten department where I was a teacher, for in excess of 2 years.


Many parents may already be familiar with me because I would have taught their child before.

I am now in my sixth year teaching as an EP1 primary homeroom teacher.

I am really grateful for all of the comments I have received from ep1 red parents and guardians during these past 5 years!


I am from the United Kingdom.

Flag of the United Kingdom

teacher Chaz

Kindergarten 1 introduction to letter formations.


Having fun outside with Kindergarten 2 using music.

varee school

Kindergarten 3 ‘Graduation’ Day (very proud).

I am an interdisciplinary educator who facilitates my pupils to make their own connections between all the subjects I teach.  

I teach English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health, Career and Technology, Information Technology and Art to the same class of children.

My pedagogical ethos has always been to create stimulating lessons which, not only hold the interest of the children I teach but also empower them with confidence, so that they can then carry out tasks as individuals, or in groups with minimal guidance.

I constantly engage my pupils in a variety of different ways and to achieve this I avoid the over reliance on a single ‘learning theory’ or indeed teaching approach, as I sincerely believe I would be restricting their educational development by doing so.


Ep1 red integrated Social and Art class about the Arctic habitat with Lucky.

teacher chaz

teacher chaz

The ultimate premise behind all of my teaching is that my pupils, will be able to take and apply what they have learnt in my classroom, to then help them continue to learn new skills and concepts in others.

ep1 red

EP1 Red integrated Science and Art lesson on different materials.

Teacher Chaz

Miss. Ajarn Varee Patravanich (Director and Owner of Varee Chiang Mai School) with Teacher Chaz.

‘I truly, madly and deeply love teaching and I find every single working day to be an immensely satisfying, extremely rewarding and tremendously challenging experience!’

I am very proud and honoured to have worked at Varee Chiangmai School for such a long and hugely enjoyable time.


Varee Kindergarten annual performance (The Little Mermaid.)

I am especially proud of the creative writing my pupils have produced independently, year in year out.

Please click below to view their imaginative works!



Example of unassisted creative writing, after only 7 months of learning English in ep1 red!!

I am extremely familiar with the University of Cambridge Young Learners ESOL examinations, for which I have successfully prepared my pupils for, and whom have regularly achieved outstanding results.

I am exceptionally proud of my pupils, whom have achieved so highly in the Cambridge English Young Learners’ Assessments.

‘To be able to teach my pupils to a globally recognised standard and for them to achieve so highly in these assessments, has been one of the many high points of my teaching career!!!’

Thailand is my first home!

Flag of the Kingdom of Thailand

Teacher Chaz

Ep1 Red Cultural Field Trip to Traditional Silk Factory.

I will always do my very best to ensure that my students continue to learn English in fun and varied ways.

Teacher Chaz

Ep1 Red Health Lesson On Different Food Groups.

I am always available to talk to during school hours so, if you have any questions, comments or concerns about your child then, please do not hesitate to approach me as I will be happy to help you!

Finally, I am a competent speaker of the Thai language so, for those parents who will find it easier to talk to me in Thai, please feel very welcome to do so!!!

The ep1 red email address is chazc@varee.ac.th

Teacher Chaz

My Very Last Day Teaching in the Kindergarten Department.

 Kind regards……Teacher Chaz.

Spelling Test Book

varee chiangmai school

Dear ep1 red parents and guardians,

Could you please purchase the Varee Chiangmai School spelling test book by Wednesday the 18th of May at the very latest.

The spelling test book can be purchased from the school shop which is located next to the school canteen.

The cost of the book is 15 Baht.


Please buy this spelling test book for your child.

The first weekly spelling test will take place next Thursday the 19th of May.

Friday the 20th of May is a national holiday so school will be closed.

Every other weekly spelling test will take place on a Friday.

Kind regards…teacher Chaz.



Spelling Lists 1, 2 3 and 4 (2016)

varee chiangmai school

Dear ep1 red parents and guardians,

Listed below are the spelling words for the next 4 weeks for all Varee Chiangmai School English Programme 1 pupils.

Writing Clip Art

Each spelling test will usually take place every Friday.

However, the first spelling test will take place next Thursday the 19th of May as Friday is a national holiday.

Practicing the weekly spelling words is part of your child’s daily homework and as such should be overseen by you.

ep1 red

Please oversee your child’s homework.

The EP1 teachers will practice the words with your child at school as well.

All of the spelling words are carefully chosen and are always related to what the children of ep1 are learning in their various English subjects.

The spelling words will gradually increase in complexity as the weeks progress in ep1.

If you would like to view the spelling words for this or previous years then please click on ‘SPELLING WORDS’ located under the categories menu on the RIGHT hand side of the ep1 red blog, or click the link below.


If you have any further questions regarding the spelling words or anything else then please feel free to talk to your ep1 teachers whom will be happy to help you.

Alternatively you can e-mail them.

The ep1 red e-mail is chazc@varee.ac.th

Kind regards…teacher Chaz.

Spelling List 1

 a bag 

a boy

a girl

an ant

a hat

a frog

a dog

a cat

a fox

a pig



Spelling List 2













Spelling List 3













Spelling List 4














varee chiangmai school

Dear EP1 Red Parents and guardians,

Below you will see what your child will require on their first day of school (Monday 9th May) and indeed for their whole time learning in EP1.

school starts on Monday the 9th of May

Could you please purchase all of these items of stationery for your child if you have not already done so.

If at all possible could parents and guardians please also put name labels or write their child’s name on the items of stationery (with a permanent pen) as this will help greatly.

It is extremely important that your child brings all of their items of stationery to school every day!!

Could parents and guardians please ensure this by packing and checking their child’s school bag every single day!!!

It would be better if the children keep all of their school things in their locker and do not take them home.

1. Pencils x3

Teacher Chaz

x3 pencils

2. Ruler 30 cm long (MUST BE 30 cm)
Teacher Chaz

30 cm ruler (30 CM)

3. Rubbers/Erasers (LARGE) x2

x2 rubbers/erasers


pencil Sharpener (this type)

5. Coloured Pencils large pack (NOT CRAYONS OR MARKER TYPE PENS)

large pack of coloured pencils.

6. Glue Stick (LARGE)

large glue stick

7. Latex Glue/PVA Glue (SMALL TUB)

small tub of PVA/latex glue

8.  Whiteboard Markers x3

Teacher Chaz

x3 whiteboard markers

9. Whiteboard Rubber/Eraser
Teacher Chaz

whiteboard rubber/eraser

10. Scissors
Teacher Chaz


11. English Notebooks x7  (LINED)

Teacher Chaz

x7 lined notebooks

12. White Thai Notebooks With Squares (GRIDS) Not Lines X7

 13.  Large Pencil Case

large pencil case

children must come to school no later that 7:50 am

Finally this is just a friendly reminder that the school day starts at exactly 8 am.

This means that parents and guardians must bring their child to school by 7:50 am and no later.

If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to me personally or e-mail me at chazc@varee.ac.th.

I look forward to teaching your children this year!!!

Kind regards…teacher Chaz.