Spelling Lists 9, 10 11 and 12

teacher chaz



Dear EP1 Red parents and guardians,

These are the spelling words for the next 4 spelling tests.

Spelling test 9 will take place this Friday the 25th of July.

The new homework booklet will be issued to all the  EP1 pupils this Friday.

Kind regards….Teacher Chaz.

Spelling list 9


my nose

one leg

two legs

These are my arms.

This is my face.

a habitat

the Arctic

a bear

the rainforest

a parrot

a snake

a tiger


 Spelling list 10


sense of touch

sense of hearing

sense of taste

sense of sight

sense of smell

a school

a hospital

an airplane

the ocean

a whale

the desert

a camel


 Spelling list 11


a teacher

a pupil

a student

a housewife

a fireman

a pilot

Is she a farmer?

Yes she is.

Is he a doctor?

No he isn’t.

a doctor

a policeman

 Spelling list 12


a nurse

a farmer

the morning

the afternoon









No Phonics Class Today Due To Thai Tests

teacher chaz

Dear EP1 Red parents and guardians,

There will be no after school phonics class today.

teacher chaz

This is because the children have been taking tests all day.

The phonics classes will resume from next Monday the 21st of July.

Thank you…..Teacher Chaz.

Mid-Term Revision Homework

teacher chaz

Dear EP1 Red parents and guardians,

The EP1 teachers today have issued each pupil with a fun mini-homework booklet which will help them revise for the mid-term tests which will take place next week.

(Please click on the TESTS TIMETABLE link under the CATEGORIES section on the right side of this blog, for the mid-term assessment schedule.)

The homework booklet has tasks which vary in difficulty and the children have been encouraged to attempt all of them.

The homework booklet includes more than enough activities, which will keep the children busy for the next 4 days (excluding today’s homework).

varee chiangmai school

The children have also taken home their CAT, SOCIAL, HEALTH and SCIENCE NOTEBOOKS and have been asked to read them every day.

Reading their notebooks will help the children complete the activities in their new homework booklet.

The children have been instructed to only use their notebooks during the homework booklet activities, if they are finding them too difficult.

Could parents and guardians please ensure that their child brings their notebooks, their pink spelling book and homework booklets back to school next Tuesday .

Kind regards….Teacher Chaz.

Mid-Term 1 Assessment Dates

teacher chaz

Dear EP1 Red parents and guardians,

The mid-term 1 summative assessments will take place on Tuesday the 15th and 16th of July.

The EP1 teachers will now be in the process of using various fun revision methods to prepare their pupils for the assessments.

varee chiangmai school

The EP1 pupils will also be given specific homework which will further help them revise for the mid-term tests next week.

If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to approach me personally.

I am always happy to help.

Kind regards….Teacher Chaz.

CAT (Tuesday 15th July)

*Different types of clothes

*Morning routines

All the necessary information can be found in your child’s CAT notebook.


ENGLISH (Tuesday 15th July)

*All of the key vocabulary and grammar of the STARTER, UNIT 1 and UNIT 2 of Family and Friends.


SCIENCE (Tuesday 15th July)

*Living things and non-living things

*Parts of a plant

*Different types of plants and trees

*Different animal sounds

*different animal movements

All the necessary information can be found in your child’s SCIENCE notebook.


HEALTH (Wednesday 16th July)

*Parts of the body and parts of the face

*Healthy teeth and unhealthy teeth

*How to wash your hands

All the necessary information can be found in your child’s HEALTH notebook.


MATHS (Wednesday 16th July)

*Counting objects.

*Number recognition and spelling number words zero to ten.

*Missing numbers.

*Number sequencing smallest to biggest, biggest to smallest.

* Say the number that is 1 before and 1 after any given number.

*Greater than, less than, equal to symbols < > =.

* Addition with numbers 1 – 10. Addition using a number line with numbers 1 – 20.


SOCIAL ( Wednesday 16th July)

* Religions, their symbols and places of worship

* The Thai Wai

All the necessary information can be found in your child’s SOCIAL notebook.

Spelling Lists 5, 6 7 and 8

teacher chaz

Dear EP1 Red parents and guardians,

These are the spelling words for the next 4 spelling tests.

Spelling test 5 will take place tomorrow.

Kind regards….Teacher Chaz.

Spelling list 5


a plant 

a flower

a stem

a leaf

a seed


a pen

a book

a ruler

a pencil

a rubber



Spelling list 6














 Spelling list 7

 What’s this?

This is a car.

a teddy

a doll

a ball

my bike

a train

your kite





 Spelling list 8


a shirt 

a shoe

a sock










Extra Curricular Phonics Classes

teacher chaz

Dear EP1 Red parents and guardians,

As of  Monday the 23rd of June, teacher Elaine and I will be teaching after school phonics classes.

phonics in Asia

The classes will be held in EP1 Red and EP1 blue from 4pm to 4:45pm, Monday through to Thursday.

The aim of these classes is to go over basic phonics with those pupils who would benefit from it and to also teach phonics to those pupils who are as yet unfamiliar to it.

These extra lessons are free and will go on for approximately 6 weeks.

All of the EP1 teachers have made an informed decision as to which pupils truly require the extra sessions.

You will be receiving an official letter about the classes very shortly.

teaching phonics in Asia

These extra curricular lessons have been extremely successful in previous years and it is humbly advised that all chosen pupils should attend regularly.

The children will not require any extra materials, however a whiteboard marker and a whiteboard rubber/eraser would be extremely helpful in their learning.

If there are any changes to the scheduled classes than I will inform parents and guardians immediately.

Kind regards……Teacher Chaz.


Wan Wai Khru/Teacher Respect Day

Chaz Teacher


Dear EP1 Red Parents and guardians,

This Thursday the 19th of June all the Prathom (primary) children here at Varee Chiangmai School will be celebrating Wan Wai Khru (Teacher Respect Day).

Wan Wai Khru is an honoured Kingdom wide tradition, where pupils pay their respects to their teachers  by offering them flowers and the teachers then go on to bless their pupils  for great academic successes.



Could EP1 Red parents please provide their child with a cone of flowers for this Thursday so that all the pupils can take part in this ceremony.

Kind regards…..Teacher Chaz.